The True Nature of Karma

by Sylvia Chappell

Sylvia Chappell Akashic Records Guide

Akashic Records Guide
Sylvia Chappell – Sylvia left a very successful advertising career to pursue her “soul’s work” as an intuitive healer. At NY’s Edgar Cayce Center, her intuitive gifts blossomed, first as a tarot reader, then as a certified Reiki Master. Creative explorations of past lives for insights to heal the present led her to become a certified Past-Life Regressionist and the catalyst for many remarkable healing transformations.

When I’m doing Akashic Records Readings, most of my clients receive information from their Record Keepers about a previous lifetime that is causing a challenge—whether it’s a physical condition, disease, blockage or fear—in their present life. This information is non-judgmental, loving and supportive… AkashicRecord Keepers are NOT “score keepers” or karmic “enforcers.” Instead, they patiently explain how the nature of karma has changed to be very different from the popular (mis)conception.

In virtually all cases, what we think of as a “karmic” condition is SELF-imposed.Here is how the Record Keepers explain it, compiled from dozens of readings:

From the Record Keepers

From our point of view in the 11th dimension, there are no right or wrong choices,no good or bad, positive or negative. What’s important is the spirit in which the choice is made, and what the person who makes the choice takes away from it.

Often, who you were in that lifetime takes away a sense of guilt, remorse,betrayal, anger, shame–and carries it forward into the present lifetime in the form of a pattern or a belief that could be expressed this way: “Because I did something wrong, because I caused pain or suffering in that lifetime, I deserve to suffer something similar in this life.”

Self Imposed!

Karma today is almost always SELF-imposed! It is you judging yourself to have done something wrong or bad, or to have harmed someone, or failed to save the people you loved—then you decided to carry forward that remorse or guilt or shame or fear to block yourself in this life.

There are no stern Lords of Karma shaking fingers at you and demanding, ‘You must pay because you made a mistake!’ You yourself decided that you feel remorse or guilt or shame or regret about decision that you made. That is what you’re carrying over in this lifetime that’s causing pain, or blocking yourself.

Understanding through others

Why are we telling you about these traumas and heartbreaks? Not because there’s any judgment on our part. It is because we hope you understand that who you were in that lifetime had some very difficult choices to make. Knowing this, you may begin to feel compassion for yourself—as you would if you were reading a story or watching a movie about someone else facing those tough situations.

Once the Record Keepers sense that my client understands this idea—that you can choose to love and forgive yourself in that lifetime—they offer a way to release the self-condemnation and negative emotions brought into this life:

Toning through Sylvia

And now, if we have your permission, we would like to offer through Sylvia an energy transfer and sound healing that would be beneficial in helping you, if you so choose, to release, to heal the guilt, the shame, or the remorse.

You might even think of the person that you were in that lifetime as if they’re standing here in front of you… hoping, waiting, yearning to feel your compassion and your forgiveness. This allows them to release the self-condemnation and transform how they feel about themselves and their choices. You bring into their life compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude—and since you are one soul experiencing different lifetimes, you bring it into yours, too.

Healing the past is possible

If there’s another person involved in that past life trauma who is in my client’s current life, the Record Keepers also offer the energy transfer/toning, and invite the client to participate by directing the healing, forgiving, clearing energies to the person they were in that lifetime… and, if they choose, to the other person who was part of the challenging situation. Many clients are very grateful to do this because they’re in a space where they are ready to let go of the belief that they need to suffer. Feeling compassion and forgiveness for the other person also helps them release negative “residue” from the past.

Once we know the true nature of our “karma,” we can heal past issues and be free going forward of those negative emotions. The shifts that happen as a result of my Akashic Records sessions are often profound and dramatic. Clients look forward to making compassionate, enlightened choices in the future.

2 thoughts on “The True Nature of Karma

  1. Michelle says:

    I agree, compassion for your self is the first step in healing. When one really sees that self-compassion is possible the whole energy shifts. Clients of mine have burst into tears when they grasp this and the magnificent energy shift begins. This in turns releases the block in relation to the other person affected by this thing we call Karma. It truly lightens the load of a heavy heart.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Added by Sylvia Jan 29, 2016: Nearly every Akashic reading I do involves energies and toning to clear what the Record Keepers call “self-imposed karma” explained above. These energy transfers that I’m privileged to conduct also include elements for other purposes including: removing blocks or implants, restoring sovereignty (one’s sovereign free will as a divine being – a “spark” of the Creator), strengthening her/his connection to their own Higher Guidance, clearing energies that drain or impede her/his life force energies, creating a healing field of sacred geometry around him/her such as crystal pyramids, and so forth. Each client is different, and their Record Keepers guide me to provide what’s needed. I love this work!

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