The Akashic Records Guides are supported and sponsored by
the Goddess of Liberty, Lord Sanat Kumara and the Great Divine Director.

Goddess of Liberty

liberty-godessMaureen’s original work with the Goddess of Liberty began back in 1976 when she was first introduced to her. At that time, Maureen maintained her “focus” in her travels all over the US. The Statue of Liberty stands at the threshold of liberty – for all peoples. This “liberty” is from personal and planetary oppression of all kinds. Your personal limiting beliefs deny you your full potential of personal liberty. She enables you to be completely liberated from your fears and foibles.

  • A number of us, have been drawn to the Goddess of Liberty, collecting photos and icons.
  • Her etheric retreat is established over Grand Central Station, New York City and the south of France.
  • Long before Maureen ever moved to NYC she had memorabilia with her icon, claiming her as friend and sponsor.
  • Lady Liberty is found at the pinnacle of the domes on numerous state capitol buildings, Madison,WI is one.
  • She is an icon in Greek Mythology known as Demeter and represents the concept of individual freedom and liberties.
  • She, as an Ascended Being, serves as Chairwoman and the spokesman of the Great Karmic Board.
  • Her mission is to stamp out oppression and bring forward God-Gratitude along with self autonomy among individuals and governments everywhere.
  • For us personally, she also stands for the liberated woman (or man), in service but not servitude.
  • For each of us in ARI she also represents our “Divine Nature” or “Divine Flame” which allows us to come into the Akashic Records from this place of “non-duality” that allows for truth to be told.
  • She is also reported to be the being who provided George Washington with his vision of the future.

Lord Sanat Kumara

The stone “landing pad” monument at Mt. Kurama, Japan.

Well known among the world’s major religions, I was stunned to discover many Japanese revere Sanat Kumara and make pilgrimages to Mt. Kurama where they believe he landed.

I have had the privilege of traveling to this sacred place. Here the Japanese created a monument in the ground to Sanat Kumara where they say he landed with his space ship from Venus! Nowhere else have I found this literature, but we can believe it is true.

I’ve taught my students about his connection to sacred geometry and it was one of my students who pointed out this geometry was in my sunset photo in Japan. Take a look, and see for yourself. I also have a photo of the sunsets in other areas, where I have taught the MerKaBa meditation, and it shows the same geometry!

The first time I ever saw a picture of the being (depicted as God extending his hand to man) in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting on the Sistine Chapel, I “had to have a copy.” I didn’t even know who it was! You may remember it, he has a white beard, white hair and an orange/red type garment. His hand reaches out to the hand of man.

Later I learned that this is one of the depictions of Sanat Kumara. According to the legend I was told, Earth was in peril, about to be destroyed because of depravity of human kind. He volunteered to leave is beloved Venus with 144,000 devoted souls of light to help hold the balance against this threat of darkness. His light is so great that he never actually descended, but instead held his anchor slightly above the earth.

I’ve seen his image on numerous buildings in New York City including one on Avenue of the Americas!

The ARI Guides have established a direct connection with Lord Sanat Kumara. His signature is found in the ruby ray. It typically appears as two sharp rays, at 90-degree angles, aimed toward the Earth like in the photos here. His connection helps anchor in the ancient memories that the Guides carry as enlightenment to the world.

Examples of Lord Kumara’s Ruby Ray:

Examples of Lord Kumara’s Ruby Ray: It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a cell phone picture, a movie camera or regular camera. They seem to carry the same elements! Some were taken from a plane, some from water and of course, the rest land.

Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being whose job it is to ensoul God’s Divine Plan. Maureen has been shown that at every decision we have five choices; two “below grade;” two “above grade” and one Divine Choice. While using your Higher Self you  can begin to consciously choose your Divine Choice. This isn’t always easy. While in “the records,” you can actually get enough background information to make these decisions much easier.

One of his etheric retreats, a sacred temple to the Maltese Cross, enshrines blueprints for a golden age to come. His causal body is a blue sphere. When you call upon him you will receive a fresh understanding of your divine direction. He is as available to you as your consciousness will allow. Connecting with him will magnetize your divine will to you. Tapping into your Akashic Records makes it easier to accomplish this as it satisfies the human desire to know and understand why.

Why Do you need Ascended Masters? I never heard of that!

We believe in God – We are devout beings. We do not care if you know about or understand our belief about Masters. We do believe in God and honor your tradition, whatever it might be.

Some of us are still practicing the religion we grew up with. The important thing is that we are reverent towards you, towards life.

We believe in life after death and we believe that your divine plan, and your Akashic Records are accessible to you for your improvement. We will not push anything on you – belief or otherwise.
Although this playful image of Maureen with a replica of the Statue of Liberty, in a New York City department store, shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our guidance seriously.

The Goddess of Liberty is an important part of our work, and we are grateful for her sponsorship.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I had this photo, but Lady Liberty must have sent me the reminder, because I was shown where it was in an unmarked folder from six years ago!

Why do we need sponsors?

Well, actually we don’t. The thing is, we are devoted to service, and when we ask the Ascended Masters who have sponsored this tradition to help us, they do. This means you have some “quality control” from on high. We are human, and even though our guides are really good at what they do, we know that humility is paramount. This is another reason why we ask the Ascended Masters who sponsor us to show up. They help us do our job from a place of accuracy and humility.

We are honored that they have continued to show up in our lives. You can ask them to show up in your life too! Just ask them.

“I ask the Goddess of Liberty, Sanat Kumara and all the Ascended Masters who assist me
to remove all obstacles from my life!”