Akashic Records Reading with Michelle Molloy: 50-minute session

Akashic Records Reading with Michelle Molloy: 50-minute session


ARI Guide Reading: The loving, healing energy of these records is a profound tool of self-exploration and empowerment.  Access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more.

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Michelle Molloy has loved and studied metaphysics her whole life. She brings this passion for deeper meaning in life to her work as an Akashic Records Guide. Often, the movement of this energy is also felt by the one whose records are open, bringing a sense of relief or shift in one’s perspective. When you are asking questions, her access to the Akashic Records often brings her images that are powerful, beautiful, and often humorous. She is an empath and often feels the body sensation or emotional nuance of the question, confirming the connection with your Records.

Her own Record Keepers explained about her readings, “The one seeking the reading is not a passive recipient – they are active detectives in their own life story.” And to the one’s seeking readings, “ If information comes in from ‘the other side’, it is only that which is relevant to your own growth and healing; (frivolous inquiries are unproductive). You may even have the Record Keepers tell you in no uncertain terms that you have stepped out-of-bounds. Most often you know this already and They just put it humor-coated truth. Be ready to hear that you are more amazing than you imagine and your life is set on a course of expansion that may thrill you and challenge you at the same time. Be prepared to participate in your own healing. If you feel down (or depressed) the key may be a thimble full of wisdom that fills the whole of your life with a new outlook. The Akashic Records are not static, though there is stillness within them. Answers are given that you are ready to receive. Some answers may surprise you.”

She was named one of the Oracles, in a lifetime in ancient Greece, during one of her early readings with Maureen. She considers it an honor to open The Akashic Records and is grateful to those who trust her to do so for them.

Michelle has studied extensively with Maureen St. Germain, since 2011, as well as with numerous other teachers throughout her life. She became ARI Certified in December 2013. Michelle Molloy is the founder of Penates Way, and has been a designer of a variety of residential award-winning projects for 16 years.

Michelle lives in Seattle and is available for personal readings via Skype or on the phone.


Thank you so much for yesterdays reading. It was reassuring and gave me much to think about. You have a beautiful gift.
– Carole

Thank you Michelle, I was truly impressed with your reading yesterday and you opened up my eyes/mind/heart to the Records – an understanding I didn’t have before. I accessed the Akasha myself way back in early 2014 but was not able to get to the point of asking questions and getting answers. There are no coincidences of course. The links you sent me……I have a home near the Slovenian border and there is a connection with Mark’s work. And last Sunday – World Hypnotists Day – I had my first Body Code experience – a 15 minute session which was most effective. I look forward to scheduling another session with you in the next few weeks and I would like to thank you for sending the links and for doing, for me, a most interesting reading.
– Carmel M.

Thank you – it was amazing! You have a wonderful gift. I called to tell you that you were right on point. (The Reading) helped me make life changes. You have a beautiful connection. I have had Akashic Readings by others (other organizations) and you have more integrity than most. Thank you so much.
– R.G., Seattle, WA

That was an hour well spent!
– P.C., Seattle, WA

(My Reading) expanded my knowledge in certain areas that I had been unclear about proceeding in. (The benefit was) confirmation that I am receiving information from spirit. It gave me some direction to move towards what I had been conflicted with prior to the reading.
– S.V., Olympia, WA

The reading was spot on about business. I am thinking of getting another reading.
– M.A., Cedar Rapids, IA

This (Reading) was very helpful and I think you did an excellent job!
– J.M., Yucatan, Mexico


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