Akashic Records Readings with Maureen St. Germain: Package of 3

This is a discounted package of (3) 50-Minute Readings with Maureen, with the option to add on a package of (3) Recordings of your readings.

The Akashic Record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future. As soon as your soul begins to experience life, a field of energy is created that records your every thought, word, action, desire and emotion. This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records, your Book of Life. By accessing this personal library of knowledge, you can identify, open or release anything that you have created or blocked through your life’s experiences. A reading from Maureen will be powerful, enlightening, cleansing and inspiring.

  • Remember to add the Recorded Sound File to your order below for an MP3 recording of your session.