Our international guides are certified through the Akashic Records International (ARI) Certification program

Akashic Records Guides must complete a series of clearly defined training requirements.  These requirements include advanced training classes, reading various books about integrity and answering personally for their own integrity, learning the MerKaBa Meditation, developing and practicing their Higher Self contact, being trained in clearing work and more.

They have learned to access the records from the plane of non-duality. In addition, they are required to provide feedback on their “trial” readings.

Finally, they are evaluated by staff and an assessment is drawn to ascertain that they are clearly in the Akashic Records providing useful and accurate information.

Meet ARI Akashic Records Guides from around the world

These guides are in Taiwan, and speak Chinese. Some also speak English.

Every one of these Guides is talented and capable. I encourage you to read about them and sense who is most suitable for you. We believe you will be delighted.
Maureen St. Germain, ARI Founder