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Akashic Records International

Maureen St. Germain is a natural intuitive who has been working with the Akashic Records for a long time. Long before any training, or the internet, while a teenager she realized she was getting her information from the  “library of all that is” where people could access information instantly. “Without knowing it’s name, even then, I was accessing the Akashic Records knowing it was the source of unlimited information.” Maureen

Listen to Maureen explain why the Higher Self is so important.

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Every one of these Guides is talented and capable. I encourage you to read about them and sense who is most suitable for you. We believe you will be delighted.
Maureen St. Germain, ARI Founder

Choose the Guide who makes a connection with you:

More About Us…

  • We are trained to be empaths and feel things in our body that show up to add information and details of your reading.
  • We get “body confirmation” like this in many useful ways. This adds a level of accuracy and understanding to the information we receive.
  • Integrity is very important to us. We are motivated by our Service to God, to you and to each other.
  • We support one another, and read for one another. This helps us in our own life. It means that we are interested in our own and each other’s spiritual growth.
  • We are all practicing the MerKaBa meditation and the Higher Self Connection.
  • We each have similar skills which we emphasize as a group working together.
  • We each have specialized skills in certain areas, as you can see in our bios.

Another way we’re different

ARI Guides are NOT consultants and are duty bound to tell you like it is. Sometimes this is uncomfortable, because we generally don’t tell our friends difficult information—yet sometimes we are directed to do so.

For example: In response to a client session one of our members received a sharp pain in her neck. At first she thought, “What did I do? I didn’t even move. How could I have a sudden pain like that?” The pain came again. The third time she asked the Guides, “Am I supposed to tell her (the client) that?” Yes, the pain came again. 

She told the client, with regard to her question, about how she was treating her son, “You are being a pain in the neck” The client burst out laughing, “I thought so!”

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