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The loss of a child is indescribable. Teena knows this well after the passing of her 23 year old son six years ago. As a Certified HeartMath Trainer, working with Reiki Energy, Tuning Forks, Crystal bowls and Essences helped pave the way for Teena’s own unique healing journey that brought with it a sensitivity to subtle energies.  It has evolved into a gift of ‘knowing’.

Teena’s heartbreaking loss sent her deeper into a pure connectedness with Earth and further studies in Shamanism.  And with her HeartMath Training and Coaching certification, she has a unique perspective to assist her clients in finding and understanding that elusive ‘gift’ within loss. These aspects add to her special ability to listen to the language of the heart, an ability we all possess.  It’s simply a matter of taking a moment to pause — and listen to the earth’s messages – listen to our own heart’s whispers.  When we do so, life seems to bring us more encouraging experiences and synchronicities as opposed to harsh and disruptive jolts.  If you’re curious about what’s “inside you” – inside the complexity of that which you are, Teena might just bring the clarity you seek.

As an Akashic Records Guide Teena’s gift as a clear ‘channel’, offers clarity and truth to those who seek inner balance and a deeper understanding of their life’s journey.  One of the numerous benefits from an Akashic reading is to become more clear and ‘heart-based’ as life’s bumps come along.  Understanding one’s own soul ‘Records’ can, many times, help move them toward a stronger heart-based life and away from disconnectedness and chaos. To have a rare glimpse into one’s own soul is, perhaps, the key, and gift to one’s self – to live with more awareness and balance.

As an Akashic Records Guide, Teena asks permission to open the client’s own Akashic Records, and within that magical vault a variety of gems arise to answer questions, provide simple truths and wisdoms that help guide, comfort and confirm life experiences.  With skillful translation, we really can uncover enchanted aspects of life, that can provide a fresh perspective and a new path forward.


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Testimonials From Recent Clients

Thank you so much for the beautiful message today. I will cherish that forever!
– Sandra, WA

I felt a great sense of clarity and joyfulness after the Akashic Reading was completed. Teena provided a clear channel of communication from my guides and she described information about me that was very accurate, despite not knowing each other prior to our call. The reading today was a GIFT that brought clarity and truth to the surface in my 3 questions that we discussed. I am grateful to have Teena’s skillful translation in sensing, reading, and listening for the guidance that is available when the Akashic Records are open. I always have questions to be answered and Teena’s services help me get the answers from my own Spirit. How awesome! I will use her services again.
– Tracey, San Jose, CA

Thank you for the beautiful reading this morning. The answers that you received from the Akashic Records to my three questions that I provided to you are so in line with what I’ve been feeling, I am in awe. 
– Cindy, CA

My Akashic Records reading with Teena was spot-on; easily one of the most accurate readings I’ve had.  She tapped-in to what’s happening in my life in a way that was beyond happenstance, general statements. She described significant events that are happening in my life, some that I haven’t discussed with anyone.  Without crossing the line of giving psychic advice, Teena simply offered information that helped clarify my thoughts about those events. She even picked-up on bodily and energetic sensations I was experiencing the day of and during the session.  The next time I am seeking confidence and clarity, I will be reaching out to Teena.
– Jennifer, IN

Teena, thank you so much for the eye opening Akashic Reading. I felt you were right on with where I am with my life right now. It was exciting to hear what some of my treasures are and my soul purpose. You definitely have a gift and picked up on what I need now. Thanks so much.
– Berta, CA

Teena is a clear messenger who offered insights and interpretations from my Akashic Records. Each question was handled with care and grace and dignity – I felt like I was right there in my records with Teena as she received the transmissions. Wonderful validation of things my heart and soul “already know” with the added expansion of clarity. I would recommend this session to anyone who is seeking guidance around “next steps” in their life journey. 
– Much love and abundant blessings, Barb, AZ

I was deeply moved by the information that came through Teena for my Akashic record reading. There is no doubt in my mind that Teena was grounded, connected, and in her heart, as my information was being shared through her. She is a gifted presence for this work, as I repeatedly experienced “truth bumps” of affirmation as what I perceived was truth after truth was shared. The tangible guidance I received for forward movement with deep healing and elevation of my own consciousness and clearing was priceless. I am deeply grateful for this experience, and happy for anyone who chooses to receive an Akashic Record reading from Teena in the future!!!
– Kimberly Gray, Grateful Akashic Record Reading Recipient