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Queena (Huang Qi) is an Akashic Records Reader and psychic with a psychology background from Southwest University and Hong Kong University of Education. She started her therapy practice in 2008, and has over 5,000 hours of session experience.

Queena became a psychology instructor in a top university in Beijing at an early age. She decided to leave the university job and travel around the world. It was then she chose to devote herself completely to healing work and spirituality, all the while giving sessions and workshops no matter where she happened to be. Also, for almost a decade, she was an interpreter for many world famous spiritual and psychology teachers.

As Queena was looking to expand her skill and knowledge growth, she found Maureen and decided to learn from her. The Akashic Records – the book of life – broadened her life tremendously. She now wants to share this peace, light, clarity and wisdom with all of you.

Besides being a Certified Akashic Records Guide, Queena is trained in: Past-life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy (for energy clearing), Family Constellation, Cosmic Power®, Usui Reiki, Dance Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Dream Work and OSHO Meditation. The profound training and experience in these fields gave her an expanded awareness about love and life, and deepened her knowledge of human development and our soul journey.


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What People Are Saying

The reading with Huang Qi brought me answers and insights that resonated with a sense of truth beyond any I have received from other practitioners. We covered topics ranging from health issues to success in my business venture that were extremely helpful. I now have a fresh, empowered perspective and specific affirmations that will undoubtedly accelerate the achievement of my goals in these areas. I greatly appreciate and value her skill in providing a powerful and helpful reading. — C. Allen

Qi’s session opened me up to a more expansive and loving view of my relationships, my life and my work. I’ve never felt so much love and gratitude in my life before, especially towards my husband. I’ve changed so much after doing sessions with Qi, that my husband even encouraged me to see her and pays for me. I feel more loved and full of light after my sessions with Qi.
–L. Dong, Engineer

I have had several readings with Huang Qi. They have been very empowering to me. The readings validated my own knowing about myself and took it to deeper levels. Each reading was more profound than the one before and led me to a more expansive view of my achievements and my vision; as well as suggestions for enhancing the success and magic already unfolding in my life.
— B. Ressing

Huang Qi helped me solve a problem that has bothered me for 44 years. I felt so uplifted and positive after the Akashic reading with her. My work, my relationships and my future path became so clear and bright! I’ve received many types of healing sessions from many people, but this I have to say is the most helpful one in my life. I feel deep gratitude, towards Qi, the record keepers and my guides.
–P. Wang, Painter

I started doing sessions with Huang Qi in 2009. I have become a counselor and healer myself, but I still participate in all her workshops and receive sessions from her once a month, even if I do not have any particular issue to solve. I feel every time after talking to her, I have more love in my heart.
–L.M. Zhang, Teacher & Counselor