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Since Lorraine Lepine was very young, she has been searching for the mysteries of life and looking for ways to grow spiritually — and help others do the same.  Her interest and ability in Akashic Records has its roots in her life-long spiritual journey, which continues to this day.

Lorraine’s background is originally in rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy, where she spent 23 years working as an OT. Even then, she knew that she was supposed to be of service to others.

Throughout her OT career, Lorraine knew that there was more to life than what she had learned in her scientific occupational therapy training, so she spent a lot time working to figure out who she was and what she was truly supposed to be doing. Her exploration through the years brought her to Reiki, adult education, and to Therapeutic Touch – both as a practitioner and a teacher. Lorraine’s ongoing search brought her on spiritual trips to Egypt, Nepal, and Sedona.

Things really started to turn around for Lorraine when she began to increasingly embrace her spiritual practices for herself and others. She became a T’ai Chi Chih practitioner and teacher. Her T’ai Chi Chih practice, as well as her Therapeutic Touch practice, brought her to a deeper understanding of the Chi and of Prana.

As a complement to these practices, Lorraine later trained in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a Peruvian shamanic practice, which has deepened her experience with spirits and nature. This brought a whole new level of understanding of the use of the heart energy into her work.

Lorraine continued to feel a pull from her soul to keep searching for practices that truly suited her. She found the teachings of Maureen St Germain from the Ascension Institute, where she trained with Maureen during a year-long program — and is now continuing for a second year. Through this training, Lorraine has exponentially evolved her psychic skills, her desire to help others in new world energy, and has developed a clearer vision of how she can be of service to others. Through the Ascension Institute, Lorraine was introduced to Quantum Matrix Healing, which is a way of removing entities that are not you, and that are affecting your behavior and emotional responses to situations. Quantum Matrix Healing gets to the bottom of those behaviors and emotional states, clears unneeded entities, and allows you to connect with the mature parts of yourself, so you can reclaim your lost parts.

At this point in her evolution, Lorraine is using all of the knowledge and skills she accumulated over the years to be of service to others. She is very happy to be able to do such meaningful work to help you in your own Soul evolution.

Lorraine is originally from Montreal, Canada, and currently resides in Kansas City with her husband. She has two grown children and one grandchild, with a second one on the way!

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What People Are Saying

Lorraine Lepine acting as my Akashic Records Guide was excellent in her knowledge and the facilitation of the reading. After explaining what to expect, she asked me to be specific on what I wanted to know. This helped me focus on life that is luring me in a universal way. I felt the information she received and imparted to me was affirming, encouraging and has led to some beautiful expressions of love, compassion and abundance. I am most grateful for her assistance.
– Jan Kovac