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vcm_s_kf_repr_572x906Haseena’s spiritual journey began with the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma in her breast. During her quest for spiritual and emotional healing, this growth she had feared became her greatest blessing and teacher. The search for truth in her own life led to her creating a system of healing for others, helping them to find the truth in their own lives and live by this truth. And so, The Truth-Walker’s Journey was born.

Reading the Akashic Records is an extension of that journey for Haseena – it is a part of helping others to live their heart’s truth and find their voices through a Divine Connection, the ultimate Source of Truth.

Haseena is also an author, speaker and girls’ empowerment coach. She is co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International, and co-creator of the Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign to support the rights and dreams of girls and women worldwide.

Haseena is available for readings via Skype, telephone, and in-person, and is currently based in Newcastle, South Africa.


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I am happy to share that I had an informative Akashic Records Reading from Haseena, which gave specific relevant information regarding my ongoing personal situations. After the reading, I felt calmer and more assured about my decisions and the directions I am taking; Haseena did not attempt to direct me, she was gentle and checked my understanding at all times, the information shared was relevant and gave me confidence in the choices I have been making personally. Haseena’s comforting manner and supportive choice of phrasing make for a soothing experience, which I am happy to recommend and would be happy to use again.
~ Rachel, U.K.

My Akashic Reading with Haseena was very insightful and helpful. It was also very accurate and exact. So far every question asked and answered has been as the Reading revealed.
~ Dinah Braide, Nigeria

My experience with my Akashic Records Reading was powerful. I entered into the session ready and open-minded and I was met with compassion and warmth. Overall, my experience was informative and I look forward to using the advice that I was given to move forward.
~ Felicia Johnson, U.S.A.