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Gail Lash Akashic Records Reading

Have you ever wondered what is written in your Book of Life?

The world is changing rapidly, and you are now encouraged to know the Truth stored within your Akashic Records. This library of your Soul’s journey through the worlds of God is available for your Soul’s growth. All answers are written here, and you can now align with the greatest good for you and others, and know with certainty the clear choices before you. Allow Gail to open your Records and connect you with the Akashic Record Keepers, your Guides, and Ancestors. They are waiting to be called, to help you find your true and amazing self. Come with questions!

Gail brings her passion for peace and unity to her work as an Akashic Records Guide. During the session, Gail often receives instructions on how you can achieve peace and unity in your daily life, or in your search through an issue. The Record Keepers draw on Gail’s knowledge of energy and its tools for empowerment and clarity, so that she can teach you these in concert with your needs.

It is not only Gail’s grateful privilege and joy to open your personal Akashic Records, but she is also happy to open the Records of any business or organizational group that you might own or be involved in. Everything has its life’s path recorded in the Akashic Records, including collections of people (groups, businesses), animals, land, waterways, governments, nations, and much more. If any of these is directly associated with your life’s path, then it is possible that you may ask questions and receive answers about the wisdom in the Records of these other life forms.

The Akashic Records are here to assist you in becoming your fully Divine Self, to use in service to the Earth and Humanity as a whole. Thank you for choosing to learn this wisdom that truly resides in your Sacred Heart, and is ready to serve you. The Love that you will feel and receive from your Akashic Record Keepers is renewing and uplifting.

About Gail

Gail Lash has always been connected to Nature – its animals, plants, minerals and elements.  As a child, she talked with animals and accessed her clairvoyant gifts. As an adult, she worked in zoos and nature parks as a biologist. Gail’s graduate work in conservation, environmental policy, and sustainable development led her around the world to join diverse cultures in creating new places in harmony with both humans and wildlife, through ecotourism.

In 2003, she formed her company, Tourism For Peace. These travels opened the doorway for Gail to study and now teach concepts of Peace – both internally in each of us, and externally in the world around us. She encourages people to #OptForPeace, bringing in peace, power, and prosperity for all.

She is a graduate of Mastering Alchemy, and uses her Light Body to align with Earth’s sacred sites, communicate with animals, and write books on Peace. Having studied the Merkaba Meditation with Maureen St. Germain over ten years ago, Gail is happy to now be a Guide in opening the Akashic Records. These Records hold the promise of world peace for each of us, and as a collective humanity. Gail lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Eastern Time Zone) and is available for your Akashic Records readings via Skype or on the phone.

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What People Are Saying:

“My session with Gail was at a time of fairly profound instability in my life. I was feeling so lost… rudderless. Her reading brought so much clarity and resonated with me on such a deep level, that it gave me the strength to move forward and embrace my path. I cannot thank you enough, Gail, for that gift of clarity. What I’m being asked to do, at this point in my life, is not easy but it makes sense and I can make peace with it because of that. Thank you so much!”
– Tami Solomon, Mental Health Counselor, Sound Therapist, Kingdom of Bahrain

“On April 29 2017, I had a Akashic records reading with Dr. Gail Lash. This was my very first Akashic reading and I was not exactly sure what to expect. Yet I was excited for the session.  The opening remarks revealed many issues that I was struggling with in my life. Gail made me aware of how to change my perspective and realize certain truths.  I suppose what was most helpful with my session with Gail that not only did she make me aware but also, showed me how to remedy these issues with visualization practices and mindful thought patterns when an issue would surface.  She explained esoteric concepts so clearly to me that finally I understood some of these ideas. She gave me strategies to use to promote peace, hope, and personal protection.  I felt that I gained much comfort and understanding from this session. She addressed all of my questions during the session time. Truly, I was given a gift to have had the opportunity to have an Akashic reading with Gail. Thank you Gail— Much peace and love.”
– Lisa K

“Dr. Gail, thank you so much for today’s Akashic Records reading.  It was very enlightening and I really appreciate all the assistance from my guides and the encouragement for what my future holds and my soul’s growth.  I wanted to tell you that I was in my bedroom when we did the reading and afterwards I left the room for about 15 minutes.  When I went back in the room it was filled with an overwhelming fragrance of roses as if the entire room had fresh roses everywhere.  It was incredible and amazing as I really feel that it was a divine presence and also a special present from my guides to me. All I can say is WOW, there’s so much information that resonated with me. Much Love & Gratitude!”
– Brenda C., Georgia.

“Gail, I am ever grateful to you for the experience of an Akashic Record reading. As an Energy Practitioner myself, I am used to the beautiful feeling of connecting with Spirit and Higher Wisdom. I was not expecting to feel that so magnified in an Akashic Record reading! The reading was a receiving of expanded and deeper sharing of information. As if you went to the Cooperation Head for guidance not just the boss so to speak! The Wisdom shared was so rich and timely it was easy to embrace. The information shared about my Purpose spoke to my heart so deeply, that afterwards I felt more Embodied in my purpose. This was a profound experience that left me feeling more aligned with the Truth of who I am, which has been my passion to know. Thank you!”
– Pam R., Georgia

“For a novice who was admittedly apprehensive about my first experience with delving into the unknown mysteries of my Akashic Records and nervous about openly discussing some of the most sensitive and deepest feelings of my life, Gail’s gentle, kind and encouraging demeanor and happy personality resulted in a beautiful, powerfully moving, and very meaningful experience for me. I was deeply effected by the revelations about some of the most vexing and difficult issues and questions that I have struggled with for most of my lifetime. The knowledge gained from the wisdom of the Guides has given me the hope of new directions and energy to continue to pursue my dream of being a positive light of hope, encouragement, support and love to those in the world who struggle with the issues in their lives that separate them from love. I feel that my time with Gail’s direction from the Guides was a seminal moment in my life that will resonate throughout all my remaining days. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to learn about my journey with the help and guidance of a gifted and loving person who I hope countless others will know when they experience the gift of working with Gail.”
– Martie C., Tennessee

“Gail’s Akashic Records reading gave me great clarity about my life purpose and where I should channel my energies. She is a gifted reader who exudes a calm presence and I am most appreciative for the insight she has provided me.”
– Rebecca T., Georgia

“Thank you Gail! This Akashic Records reading really jolted some yummy light into my blood. Thank you!!! Love and Light to you!”
– Jenn U., California

“I am very grateful to Gail and the guides for the Akashic Record reading I received on Saturday, February 11, 2017. I feel that the information was presented in a very clear and concise manner and much of it resonated well with that which I already knew to be true. The insight I received will be invaluable to me going forward into the next few months and I look forward to scheduling a follow up session, at some point. Also, I felt immense well-being for several days after the reading! Gail’s manner is professional and light-hearted and I would happily recommend her as an Akashic Record reader.”
– Blessings, Mary Anne P., Tennessee

It has been my good fortune to receive an Akashic reading with Gail Lash. I found her to be a sensitive, compassionate and self-less person. As a professional she proved to be accurate and skillful in guiding me through my reading. With Gail’s support, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the past and present state of my journey here on earth. With this increased awareness, I feel more capable pursuing the future in this life and hereafter. Through Gail’s expertise in Akashic reading, I have been empowered to live this life more intentionally- emotionally, physically and spiritually. I give Gail my strongest recommendation for anyone seeking to gain knowledge through Akashic reading.
– In gratitude, Pamela W.