Learn How to Read Your AKASHIC RECORDS

Find out what Michelle and Terri will teach in their Oct 26th -28th 2018 class “Learn How to Read Your AKASHIC RECORDS” weekend workshop in NE Seattle, WA.

Find out what opening your records is all about – and why so many people are taking up this opportunity to get help from beyond the physical realm!

Find out how easy it is to open your own records, in a three day live class.

Oct 26th Friday – Oct 28th Sunday;

With Michelle Molloy and Terri Young

Akashic Records Guides certified by Maureen St. Germain

To Register, Contact ask@penatesway.com


FREE Call – in event:

Tuesday, October 02, 2018
Start Time:  8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time = (10:00am central time)
End Time:    9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time = (11:00am central time)

Type of Conference: tele-conference

Dial-in Number:      1-605-475-5950

Participant Access Code: 5923951

Participants can ask questions and get answers.


Course Description:

  • Imagine if you could ask any questions to the Keepers of All Wisdom in the universe and receive answers. Imagine if you could do this for yourself, friends, family or professionally.
  • This dream is actually a possibility with the Akashic Records Level 1 workshop with Akashic Records Guides Michelle Molloy and Terri Young. They give you optimal tools to begin learning to open your own Akashic Records.
  • Opening your own records presents you with valuable insights that will enable you to comprehend the motives and actions of those close to you

To Register, Contact ask@penatesway.com