What’s it like to have a reading?

  • When you wish to access your records you usually have a question or questions on your mind. This serves to magnetize you to the information.
  • Like a modern day reference library, information is cross indexed in many ways. Unlike a library, the Akashic Records are alive. Moreover, the beings called Record Keepers ensoul both the record and the holder of the record. This is why you will feel such a loving support in a session.
  • The Record Keepers are beings that reside in a non-duality mode where their joy, humor, intelligence and unconditional love permeate their communications. Their intelligence shows up through the insight the ARI Guides.
  • Our guides hear specific words that are often provided literally as dictation.
  • One of the primary differences of this tradition is that Akashic Records International Guides are NOT consultants! We are guides, and scribes.
  • We carry the wisdom and information of the Guides without bias or opinion.
  • ARI Guides always begin with opening remarks. This sets the tone for your remaining session.
  • Opening Remarks are a download directly from the Guides who are responding to your thoughts or questions you have when you decide to have a session.
  • Opening Remarks often validate the authenticity of your reading in the moment.

Where/How are readings done?

  • Usually Phone or Skype or Facetime. In-person readings may be requested with a Guide in your area. Check our Guides’ profiles for locations. When you register for your reading, be sure to indicate that you want an in-person reading and we will send you her contact information.

How long is my session?

  • Generally the session is about 50 minutes.
  • This decision is best made when your appointment is confirmed, so that we can schedule in the extra time.
  • We may stop, and pause, collecting, centering the information that is provided.
  • We work with our Higher Self and guides who then make a space for YOUR GUIDES to channel through.

What if our session takes longer than the regular 50 minutes?

  • We find that most people start to repeat their questions after 50 minutes, so we encourage your session to be 50 minutes.
  • Occasionally a longer session is needed.
  • Please let us know if you feel you need more time, as we will be happy to book an additional session time at your appointment time.

Will you record my reading?

  • Yes, we are equipped to record your session and send you an electronic sound file within a few days of your session.
  • There is an additional fee for this of $15.

Do you take clients from other countries?

Yes. We will work with you by phone, Skype,Facetime (IPhone) or email.

Can you answer questions for my family members?

  • Only as they pertain to you.
  • Other family members may wish to have their own reading.

Will the ARI Guide remember details?

  • Our guides are in the background and generally do not remember the reading.
  • If you remind us, or ask a question afterwards then perhaps memories will be available.
  • This information is not moving through the conscious mind, so it’s not remembered mentally.
  • It is stored in “hearing memory” rather than cognitive memory of our guide.

What types of information do you need to get started?

  • We require your full legal name.
  • If you are a Jr. or Sr or share the same first and last name of a family member, we will ask you provide us your middle name.
  • We do NOT ask for birth information nor details of your situation until your sessions unfolds.

What is the number of questions permitted?

  • You may ask as many questions as you wish.
  • Usually, though, a person tends to start repeating the questions after about an hour.

What’s the number of readings possible?

  • Actually we recommend multiple readings over a period of time.
  • As you shift and follow the advice of the record keepers, your own personal growth reflects the need for new information based on you becoming the best YOU following the guidance of your record keepers.
  • A great multiple to start with is to sign up for three readings and then space them four to six weeks apart.

What’s the different between an Akashic Records reading and a psychic or intuitive reading, or angel card reading?

  • Your Akashic Record Guides are to give you the big picture of your life, your plan, what’s working, what’s missing. It’s a wisdom channel of everything you know about yourself that allows you to see yourself from a loving, supportive space.
  • Akashic Records Guides launch from Fifth Dimension, a place of non-polarity, which means their personality and opinions are out of the way – and are asking for direct assistance and oversight from the Ascended Masters for oversight.You will be addressed by your loving, gentle guides who advise you from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Although an Akashic Records Session isn’t a psychic reading, predictions may be available although predictive information often comes through.