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Melanie Alderson
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Minutes before a client reading, as I sat down to prepare for the reading, I was guided to use numerology to determine what the Tarot Archetype was that day as it had an important message for my afternoon client. (I use numerology to determine the Tarot Archetype associated with any date or other number).   That day's number was 7 which is The Charioteer.  The message clearly came through to be shared with my client - "Time to follow your own path into the future".  This particular client has had 2 previous readings and both have focused on past relationships - with family, friends, and teachers so Spirit was telling her that it's time to move on.  

Since I'm new to ARI and I remembered the rule about not mixing other skills in with doing a reading, I quickly emailed Maureen for advice even though I knew the chances of her getting back to me in time were slim.  As the time of the reading got closer, I checked in with my Higher Self and asked if it was in my HBG and in the best interests of my client to share the information.  I received a definite "yes but do so outside of doing the reading".  That made me feel much more comfortable with the situation!
I sent a photo of the card to my client and told her that I had something to discuss with her prior to doing the reading.  When I shared the information with her, I learned that she is also a Tarot reader AND she uses the same deck I use!  So the image meant a lot to her and the information was very appropriate. We then proceeded with her reading.  After it was all over, she asked about what I do combining numerology with Tarot and I explained it to her.  She then booked a Life and Year Numbers analysis with me!  
Later I did get a response from Maureen verifying that I did the right thing and that simply put the seal of approval on it for me!
Bright Blessings Everyone!

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