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Opening Remarks

Melanie Alderson
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How many of you allow time for Opening Remarks when opening the Records for yourself?  I have done so at times in the past but all too often I find that I am so intent in asking my question(s) that I jump right into those and forget to sit in stillness and give the Record Keepers a chance to share some information first.

My new awareness is that I want to be more patient and allow the process to flow naturally for myself the way I let it work for my clients.

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I find when I am opening the records for myself that it is best to write out all the questions that are on my mind before I even do the opening prayer. This way I've cleared my mind and I've gotten out of my own way. I agree that your best action is to be more patient. But again, understand that consciousness is such that it asks for answers. So to get the best of it, the written list is a very good resource.
Thank you for sharing.
Dana Dachel
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I have been asking for both opening and closing remarks to see if there's a general message that might not already be on my list of questions (also prep at least a few on paper to start with as mentioned).


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