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Can Animals access their Akasic Records?

Maureen St. Germain
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I received this question from a person who is reading the Akashic Records book:


Can Animals...as well as Porpoises....Dolphins.....Whales.....Octopi   access Akashic Records?

Do they have a deeper inherent understanding of this.?.....

Would Otherworld entities also have this knowledge and understanding?

Otherworld meaning.....Alien lifeforms.....It appears to be a Universal concept....

Also including Otherworld beings in Shamanic paths...

My answer:

Your question is interesting, but remember the animals do not practice free well like humans. So they don’t need the Akashic records like we do! They consider all versions of the reality -


Higher consciousness being such as the dolphin and whales do perceive more than us... how would we know this?? Ther brains Are bigger than our brains, and we know that brain size is related to consciousness. However how can we know what they know with our limited capacity to know? 


The last part of your question I think is  self-evident.


Love, Maureen



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