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True Healing

By Haseena Patel Growing up in a medical family, medicine and healing was “in my blood”, so to speak.  I loved the challenge of diagnosing a puzzle of symptoms. When my sister’s healing journey began, she was fifteen and I was twenty-two - unbeknown to me, my awakening to the meaning of true healing had also begun.  My first lesson, brought on by my research of alternative and holistic medicine, and communicating with many experts, was that the diagnosis of an illness could be seen as either a crisis or as the door to healing. The second lesson came [...]

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Asking my Akashic Records – Which Website Designer to Choose?

By Gail Lash, PhD I’ve been meaning to update my website for ages. It is stuck in the past, not mobile-friendly, with old offerings and extraneous content.  I like its cool design template and style, but it is created using Rapid Weaver, which means that all website files are housed on my personal computer. This means that I can’t hand it off to someone else to update or redesign over the Internet – it has to be me, sitting at my computer. And clearly, I haven’t taken time to do this. I look at my budget and calendar, and [...]

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I Wonder What’s Going On?

By Terri Young Maureen St. Germain's book Waking up in 5D  has a big section on how to ask questions - even when you are not in the Akashic Records., She has a wonderful way of getting you to look at how to move along in your life and make things easier. She asks us to change the way we challenge ourselves in a softer and more loving way of being. Terri Young In the 2nd chapter of her book, she suggests we ask "I wonder what is going on" when we lose or misplace things. And, [...]

My eclipse experience

The rest of the story. I was in China for the eclipse, as many of you may suspect. I got back Tuesday afternoon. Keep in mind, if you’ve ever visited Shanghai, the sky often resembles a gray haze. You don’t see the sun, or even clouds, just gray.  On this day, (last day of level 3 Akashic Records course) and the day before the eclipse (2:11 AM local time) it was particularly sunny.   During the 2-hour lunch break, I had the drapes wide open, to enjoy the sunny day. Almost without warning, the room darkened as if it [...]

Time Travel with Archangel Michael

The flight was taking quite awhile and I wanted to know why? Why couldn't he just "blink me there", and he said he wanted me to have the experience of time.  You see we had traveled to 100 years in the future!


Human Veils Can Limit you. Understand what they are, and how to release and clear them!


As I was waking up, I heard “We are the Serendipities” Not “A” serendipity.     After taking a huge breath, I said to those that were speaking to me HuH?? Terri Young Let me begin with; I love talking about a serendipitous happening, and I love seeing all the steps that it – that wonderful experience- took to get me there. So having a conversation with the Serendipities was a whole new place to be. I also want to add, that I love the Angels. […]

The Reading That Changed My Life

Haseena Patel is an author, speaker and girls’ empowerment coach. Her spiritual journey began with the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma in her breast. During Haseena’s quest for spiritual and emotional healing, this growth she had feared became her greatest blessing and teacher. The search for truth in her own life led to her creating a system of healing for others, helping them to find the truth in their own lives and live by this truth. And so, The Truth-Walker’s Journey was born. Reading the Akashic Records is an extension of that journey for Haseena – it is a [...]