Yes, you can become a
Certified Akashic Records Guide


Often called the “Book of Life,” the Akashic Records is a living field of energy that contains all the information about a person — past, present and possible futures.

Opening the Akashic Records for others is a sacred trust. We treat it with respect and reverence. Accessing the Records is one of the great cosmic dispensations of our age granted in order to promote our soul evolution. We love our work!  We invite you to join our ranks.

Why should you train with us?

  • We are like you, ordinary people who care deeply about serving each other and humanity
  • We support one another in our work.
  • We offer training of the highest caliber.
  • We work with you to help you learn and become certified.
  • Every Guide subscribes to our code of ethics.
  • As more Guides are certified, they will be in cities all over the USA and Canada. Will you be the one in your city?

Contact us if you are interested.

How to Become a Certified ARI Guide – Akashic Records Level II

Are YOU one of our future guides?  In 2009, Maureen St. Germain founded Akashic Records International (ARI). Through the ARI Certification program, Akashic Records Guides must complete a series of clearly defined training requirements.

These requirements include advanced training workshops, reading various books about integrity and answering personally for their own integrity, developing and practicing their Higher Self connection, being trained in clearing work and more. They have learned to access the records from the plane of non-duality where there are no prejudices or biases. In addition, they are required to provide feedback on their “trial” readings. Finally, they are evaluated by staff and an assessment is drawn to ascertain that they are clearly in the Akashic Records providing useful and accurate information.

Required Workshops:

Akashic Records Guide Certification:

After completion of the required workshops, you may pursue becoming an Akashic Records Guide, and work under the auspices of Akashic Records International (ARI) founded by Maureen St. Germain.

In order to be fully certified to read for others, you will enter a practice period where you will complete a number of readings, including one or two evaluation readings for ARI Guides or staff. Through this process, you must demonstrate that you have an active Higher Self connection. Your certification will be finalized after a summary review and interview with Maureen.

You may then be a Certified Guide & member of ARI and may be listed on the Akashic Records Guides website.

Ascended Masters

Lord Metatron is the overseer of the Akashic Records. He is the Being of Light who works with you and me in the training and in your own work with others.

We also work under the leadership and tutelage of the Goddess of Liberty, Sanat Kumara and the Great Divine Director.

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I have learned that we can affect our future—and even our past—by maximizing opportunities and clearing the way for optimal growth and life experiences…
Maureen St. Germain, ARI Founder