1. Be Cool

It’s totally OK to disagree with someone’s post. Heck, even mine. But never cool to attack a person or be rude. Even sarcasm can come off rude in print. Multiple views are expected and tolerated. No political rhetoric please! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says, “Be cool”. Be cool like that.


  1. Peers not Prospects

The people in this group are your peers, not your prospects. Help each other. Serve/Share/Give. No PMing members. Post your links, but only with the intent of getting feedback and looking to improve.


  1. This Group Is Yours

I made this place for you to ask, to share, to brainstorm — so we can help you grow and scale. Get busy. Ask questions. Post. Comment. Like. The more you put in, the more you’ll get. Let’s make this the best, supportive environment possible, for everyone’s benefit, and the benefit of the people we serve!


  1. This Group Is Mine

I want this place to be great for us all. If you do something that goes against a member, this group, or the spirit we’re trying to create… you’ll be booted faster than you can say “I was just…”


  1. What would your RK say?

When in doubt, ask your Record Keepers first! They only know how to speak in a loving and supportive way.